Scanning & Screening for Object Detection


DP offers the supply and worldwide installation of real time security screening machines that perform scans for concealed object detection. The scanning machines can detect metals, plastics, ceramics, liquids, gels & powders using aligned CCTV and TeraHertz camera technology.

The advanced passive, compact people screening systems offer unparalleled detection of concealed objects. The scanners are ideal for airport checkpoint screening, VIP areas as well as employee screening for internal security and loss prevention.

The compact, portable scanners work at a distance of 3.5m making them highly practical in real world secondary screening security applications.

Detection Scanner Features

    • High-quality Terahertz and visible band imaging for easy to use, accurate detection of concealed objects
    • Reliable detection of metals, plastics, ceramics, liquids, gels and powders
    • Suitable for indoor operation with floor mounted installation
    • Can be integrated into a wider security architecture
    • Safe and non-invasive passive screening technology with no capture or recording of intimate body details
    • Available as a standalone screening capability
    • Full height real-time imaging of a person at a distance of 3.5m


The Terahertz passive screening technology provides effective detection of concealed objects. It operates by receiving and interpreting the natural energy radiated from people and objects so is entirely safe and also non-invasive.

It is available in a range of form factors, from simple to deploy mobile units, to fixed installations more suited to compliant screening in controlled settings. With real-time detection and full height imaging, our security scanners deliver practical, safe and non-invasive body scanning.

Airport applications include customs security, public security as well as theft prevention.

Please contact us to arrange an initial conversation about object detection, body scanning & screening requirements with one of our Aviation Consultants.