Airport Perimeter Fencing


irports and aviation buildings are sensitive areas that require perimeter fencing solutions that stand up to the high risk levels. There are also demands from a legislative and legal aspects that are often unique to aviation based environments.

Most airport fencing projects will demand a solution that integrates with the wider security measures already in operation such as CCTV, intruder alerts systems and access control. It is for these reasons that a consultative approach is required to assess all of the security considerations before an appropriate fencing solution can be identified.

At PDP our specialist Aviation Consultants follow a proven process on all projects including airport perimeter fencing or aviation fencing requirements.

The PDP Project Process

Project Scope Assess the project and what it will achieve as a part of the wider security picture
Risk Assessment Determine the opportunity & threats for security breaches
Solution Proposal A reasoned look at the options with recommendations for a suitable solution
Sourcing & Procurement Assistance to identify suppliers or manage the procurement process
Project Management Taking an installation project from coordinating design through to installation

We get involved in security fencing projects at any stage as required. In airports and aviation environments we will often advise on the following types of perimeter fencing systems:

  • Radio Transparent Fencing
  • Anti Intruder Fencing
  • Chain Link Fencing
  • Wire Mesh Fencing
  • Strained Wire Fencing
  • Close Board Fencing
  • Steel Bar Fencing
  • Mesh Steel Fencing
  • Fencing with Railings
  • Fence Gates & Doors

The team at PDP Projects are fully conversant with the latest CAA, ICAO, CANSO, ISO and BSI Standards relating to perimeter security fencing.

Please contact us to arrange an initial conversation with one of our Aviation Consultants.