Airport CCTV Systems


he importance of surveillance to airport security and aviation operations cannot be understated. A project to install or upgrade a CCTV system in an airport environment is as much about risk assessment and control as it is about robust integration with existing IT networks and other security elements.

An effective airport CCTV system will have an meticulously planned camera network and a well designed integrated monitoring system with suitable access and storage capacity. Video analytics is becoming more important in order to allow operators to be alerted automatically if incidents arise as is the need for instant access, live playback and network sharing of surveillance footage.

PDP’s team of Aviation Security Consultants can assist in part or take on a complete airport CCTV project. With hands on experience of scoping, procurement and installation we can work with your internal ICT teams and external integrators to provide cutting edge CCTV and security monitoring solutions. We also have a keen understanding of the Data Protection legislation and its impact on the monitoring of aviation operations.

The PDP Project Process

Project Scope Assess the project and what it will achieve as a part of the wider security picture
Risk Assessment Determine the opportunity & threats for security breaches
Solution Proposal A reasoned look at the options with recommendations for a suitable solution
Sourcing & Procurement Assistance to identify suppliers or manage the procurement process
Project Management Taking an installation project from coordinating design through to installation

It is our job to know the latest airport CCTV technology. PDP advises and assists on a variety of projects, such as:

  • Single Fixed Camera Systems
  • Multi-user / Multi-site Systems
  • Integrated IP Systems
  • Monitoring & Command Centres
  • Single Areas EG. Car Parks
  • Passenger Flow Monitoring
  • Networked Storage & Review
  • Mobile & Body Worn Systems

If you require assistance on a small one off project through to a wholesale Airport CCTV System review, PDP can assist.

Please contact us to arrange an initial conversation with one of our Aviation Consultants.